RS-G4 Upright Research Confocal Microscope



The high-speed strip mosaic feature of the RS-G4 can scan large areas of whole brain sections in just a few minutes. Full correlation is available to interact from the macro view to zoom into the desired micro cellular detail for various fluorescent stained image views. The mosaics are processed using an image-stitching algorithm to display perfectly aligned images with seamless frame-to-frame clarity.

Developmental Biology

Observing animal development has traditionally required several instruments to record growth, from high-power microscopes to larger Field of View (FOV) stereo microscopes. The RS-G4 lets you complete the same tasks with a single instrument. It can record confocal imaging at all stages of development, with many fluorophores highlighting cellular development from sub-micron resolution to complete mosaics up to 120 x 80 mm, covering micro to macro imaging.

In addition to visible wavelengths, the RS-G4 provides an infrared laser (785nm) for in-vivo sample imaging with a penetration depth of up to 250 µm (depending on cellular density). The ability to look inside your juvenile or adult model adds new information to your research.


The RS-G4 supports both confocal reflectance microscopy (CRM) and confocal fluorescence microscopy (CFM) for the ex vivo and in vivo applications, involved in reviewing tissue images in a non-invasive manner.

Translational Research

The near 25 frames-per-second image capture speed and extensive functionality of the RS-G4 bring confocal microscopy to a wide range of new research areas.