RS-G4 Upright Research Confocal Microscope


Revolution in Confocal Imaging

Mosaic confocal imaging at amazing speed

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Mosaic image of a whole mouse kidney section with 945 field of views (40x objective) stitched together covering 12 x 8mm and acquired in 4 minutes.

Together with our partner, Caliber I.D., we proudly introduce the RS-G4, a completely new confocal imaging system optimized for large mosaic image acquisition. The upright RS-G4 research confocal microscope features a new strip mosaic image capturing process, that allows very fast large area scans. Together with its proprietary image-stitching algorithm, it creates cellular-level images with unprecedented down-to-the-pixel accuracy and perfect homogeneity.

Fast Image Acquisition

The newly developed resonant scanner engine of the RS-G4 scans horizontal stripes of any specimen by continuously moving the stage. This allows for an extremely fast image acquisition; for example an area of 1cm x 1cm can be scanned within 3 minutes, using a 40x objective.

Large Area Scans at High Resolution

The amazing speed of the RS-G4 allows scanning of large areas like a whole mouse brain slice within an unprecedented timeframe. Compared to other confocal microscopes, the RS-G4 can save you more than 90% of your time. The maximum possible mapped field is 120 mm x 80 mm.

The RS-G4 is a true confocal system and thus provides the common advantages of such a system, like a high optical resolution and contrast (maximum resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels at 5.9 frames per second). This allows the acquisition of enormous multi-dimensional images with a submicron precision.

Reflectance Imaging

Reflectance confocal microscopy allows for the examination of live or fixed tissue without any staining. Depending on molecular properties of the sample, many structures can be identified easily. Based on our big experience in providing clinical in vivo reflectance confocal microscopes, we introduced this technology in the RS-G4.

Intuitive Software

The RS-G4 software suite was designed to provide researchers with an easy and intuitive surface. Yet it allows to perform all necessary adjustments to achieve superb images. Custom experiments for automated collection of snapshots, time-lapse, X-Y-Z, multi-stage points, wavelengths can be set up quickly.


The compact size of the RS-G4 provides an unprecedented flexibility for different experiment setups. The imaging head can be used 18 cm above the stage, the head can be rotated by 360° and the pole holding the imaging heads also provides 360° in rotation. Thus, RS-G4 accommodates many different sample configurations and viewing angles.

Compact Size

The construction of a completely new imaging system allowed us to reduce the RS-G4 to its essential components. The result is astonishingly compact in size as the RS-G4 requires basically the space of a desktop computer.